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My rate is $30 an hour for myself and the space.

I have a day lock-out rate of $175


Have a specific space in mind for tracking your album? We can travel!

Some projects can be inspired by spaces that are special to you, so shoot me a message and let me know where you want to record!

Project prices will be determined based on the length of the project, the distance of travel, and project involvement.


$200 per track

(Prices include 2 free revisions, $25 per round after that)

For whole projects - shoot me a message for pricing. I would love to talk about your project's needs!


$50 per tape

This includes separating individual tracks and providing you with 44.1kbps, 24bit WAV files. 


For singles and one-off tunes, my rate is $100.


For an entire project, shoot me a message about what you're working on! My price will change based on number of songs and project length, but ultimately the end amount will cost less than just paying the $100 per song. 

I also master video audio and live show audio. Price will vary depending on length of project. 


Production can vary project to project, so if you are interested in having me produce a project of yours, let's talk about it!


I'm always open to talking about what kind of role an artist would like a producer to take in a project, running the spectrum from the whole package (engineering, mixing, producing, etc) or just being a head in the room to give constructive feedback for your project.


Costs vary depending on involvement and project length/time commitments. Shoot me a message and let's chat!

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